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Last Updated July 6th

  • The website will not reopen again. We will remain a private group permanently until we retire.
  • Telegram, FB & Google Drive is permanently closed.​
  • MY, SG and Brunei are supported at Dimsum.my. Other regions need a VPN. You can find the shows for yourself with time and the right tools.
  • United Arab Emirates, PH and VN are permanently blocked due to repeated violations and knowingly disregarding policies.

– Before you join, please read and acknowledge some simple requests we would like to ask. We are a private group now and we reserve the rights to remove or decline your membership.

    1. Patience appreciated. Please stop asking us for the next episode. We already try our best within our own time and limitations. 
    2. We don’t expect any praises but a thank you goes a long way.
    3. Please ask nicely. We will no longer put up with any form of verbal abuse, online bullying, harassment or trolling. 
    4. Any form of redistribution will get you removed and banned. It’s only the subs we’re claiming, we don’t own any rights over the raw videos.

Contribute to become a member

User login credentials are sent to your Paypal email.

Keep in mind projects we sub aren’t official or exclusive,

eventually they could be available on Dimsum, Netflix, Viu, Official YouTube etc

& with the right tools, you’ll find access to them.

Registration form: 

  • Please email muse.engfansub@gmail.com if you haven't received your login. Unsuccessful logins or server unavailable are issued a refund.
  • Accounts with a long periods of inactivity are purged by the security plugin. Your PayPal email is sensitive information and isn't stored in the login system for inactive accounts.
  • Disclaimer: for transparency purposes, random videos are email & IP watermarked. This information is private and visible to only you, unless you release it.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for trolls, hate & any form of bullying or harassment, so therefore we reserve the rights to remove or decline your request to join. 


  • Refunds are issued in their full amount to the sender. If you claim to lose fees from PayPal return or reversal, kindly send proof to be reimbursed. Before you use PayPal, read and acknowledge their terms of service https://bit.ly/2AZqfTB

  • Setting a username: setting a first name under account setting will display as your username in the comments section.
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